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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 12, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> it is another cold night tonight. are you ready for some great weekend weather? abc7 news starts right now. bras, the toilet and a lot of money. jack johnson fights back. >> i am innocent of these charges. >> 29, he pleads his case and reporters speak out. >> it shocks me because he is a very nice person. plus, your identity for sale for just a dollar. seven is on your side with the shocking details and the long journey home. a local couples survival of the cruise from hell. >> >> live and in high definition, this is abc7 news and 11:00 p.m.. on your side. >> jack johnson is a free man
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tonight after he and his wife were arrested by federal agents. he -- we begin with what appears to be the biggest local scandal to hit and at least a decade. johnson and his wife were taken away in handcuffs from their home this morning. tonight, johnson is talking. we have live team coverage for you with some naissance and at johnson's home -- with cynné simpson at johnson's home. >> he was released from custody earlier this evening and he will have to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. all of this has to do with allegations that johnson has been accepting bribes for years and that today, as the fbi), he told his wife to dispose of one of the checks from a developer by flushing it down a toilet and stuffing some cash from a bribe in to her underwear. >> county executive jack johnson
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and his wife leslie johnson were arrested at their home before noon. they were taken away in handcuffs by federal authorities and charged with destroying evidence in a federal investigation. >> law enforcement's investigative the tip of an iceberg. we expect charges to a rise out of this investigation. >> according to court documents, johnson had been targeted by the fbi for taking bribes from developers. it is alleged that he took hundreds of thousands of dollars and in a sworn affidavit, investigators claim that the fbi caught johnson accepting bribes on video. after the meeting, 13 search warrants were executed across the county. >> our message was clear. if you have information in this case, it is better for you to
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talk to us now than for us to come knocking on your door. >> sources say that agents did not plan on current -- or resting the johnsons today, but they listened into a frantic phone conversation between jack and leslie johnson in which she tells her to rip up a check from a developer and flush it down the toilet. leslie johnson then told her husband that she had hidden cash in her brought. detectives entered their home and claim that they found nearly $80,000 in cash in leslie johnson and underwear. -- leslie johnson's underwear. >> i am innocent of these charges. i cannot wait for the facts to come out. >> johnson says that when the facts come out, he and his wife will be vindicated. he defiantly said that he has three weeks left in office and he will serve out his term and then he left the courthouse in his official vehicle.
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this is not likely the end of this trouble. sources tell us that he is likely to face those criminal charges of corruption from the federal agency. today's fbi raid and arrest put an unflattering spotlight on one of the most popular men in local politics. >> he is a to turn county executive that will leave office next month due to term limits. according to the county's website, johnson helped to build the economic industry of the area. he is also supported the construction of nine new schools. he previously served as prince george's county's state attorney. >> a woman is shocked by the specific nature of the charges against jack johnson. cynné simpson continues our coverage with emotional reaction that is leaking out. >> i can tell you that jack and leslie johnson are here inside
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of their michel -- inside of their home. they pulled into the driveway and walked into the raj her head -- walked into the crotch. >> they acknowledged the media -- walked into the garage >> technologist and media and his wife had her face hidden by a baseball cap for the chief executive and first lady are very recognizable. >> mr. jackson -- johnson is a nice and respected man. >> he supported the store. >> word about he and his wife charged this afternoon with destruction of evidence, it shocked the members of the salon. >> this is what our children are seeing. >> next door, opinions have
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already taken shape. >> maybe my tax dollars are not as respected as they should be. >> jack johnson will not be going anywhere. he is under home detention with electronic monitoring. >> we are also getting a closer look at the specific evidence that the federal government has against jack and leslie johnson. >> the fbi released a 10 page affidavit to night. one portion describe how fbi agents searched leslie johnson and discovered $79,600 in cash in her underwear. rebecca cooper has been reviewing these court documents and will have a live report. >> there is a significant delay in the murder case against the serial stamper.
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he is accused of a string of attacks. police say he killed a woman as he was walking -- as she was walking to a gas station to buy a soda and a sandwich. >> a busy road has been shot down. ohio drive will be shut down for repaving work. ohio drive is scheduled to reopen at 5:00 a.m. monday morning. >> conditions are clear across the region, but we have a promise for a very pleasant weekend. we have the first look at your forecast that you will like. >> after a wonderful week like this, the weekend cannot be that good. it can be that good. right now, our temperatures are looking like 35 degrees in winchester. 30 degrees in other places.
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a lot of things are going on. a big football game to bomb morning will start of school. monday night, and we will have the redskins playing and more fine weather. even into monday night, the new temperature will be above average. i will give you more details and a couple of minutes. >> 7 is on your side tonight. we discovered one virginia county was putting people's sensitive information up for sale without knowing it. this is a story that you will only see on abc7. >> it is disturbing. you do not want that information out in the world. >> the information she is looking at is her name and social security number. loudon county unknowingly sold them and those of nine others for $1, opening up to and former employees to a potential identity theft.
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>> it makes you feel vulnerable. >> this is serious risk. when you can combine and name and a social security number, you need very little else in order to recreate them. >> it all started at this surplus store where she bought several pieces of surplus technology including typewriters to take a par with his voice 3 >> i was shocked to see it. -- with his voice box with his boys. -- with his boys. >> i was shocked to see it. >> abc7 traced the typewriter to the department of mental health and reviewing the typewriter ribbon by hand, we found a name and social security number along with others that worked in a department in 2004. >> i would never put my name and social security out there. i do not want that to be happening due to oversight of
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old technology. >> we went to the county surplus store and signs said that hard drives are removed from pcs, but we found another typewriter with its origin, is essentially a hard drive, still in place. >> it is slipping through the cracks. >> we immediately brought this to the attention of louden counter the county administrator said that they take steps to make sure that this will not happen again. there were in turn can count -- there were internal accounting documents. >> coming up, conditions are cool right now, but we will be back with a gorgeous forecast for the weekend. >> a crippled cruise ship. atc couple has quite a tale to tell.
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>> shocking details about what was found on audio and videotapes of jack johnson
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>> are watching abc7 news at 11:00 p.m. with leon harris, and tambrands, sports. this is abc7 news, on your side. jack johnson is back home tonight after he and his wife were arrested on corruption charges. tonight, we have an inside look at the evidence that the government has against johnson. >> the claims are hiding money in underwear and flushing a
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check down a toilet. rebecca cooper is live in the newsroom with more on the graphic details. >> investigators say that they have evidence as far back as 2007 showing jack johnson on the take. in september of 2009, wiretaps were authorized. today, in a criminal complaint, prosecutors revealed shocking details on what they saw and heard today. >> tonight, a somber jack johnson was not talking about the allegations. >> i cannot go into these allegations. my lawyers will kill me if i do. let me tell you that i am innocent of these charges. >> today, when johnson was secretly caught on camera is receiving another $15,000 from a real-estate developer, the fbi raided the meeting. johnson said that the cash was for a party for his retirement, not knowing that the whole thing had been caught on camera. johnson was released.
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the fbi was at their front door. he instructed his wife to find and rip up a check from a developer for $100,000. she asked if he wanted her to put it down the toilet and then you heard a flushing toilet. she asked if she should take the cash. johnson told his wife to put it in her braw and walk out. -- in her underwear and walkout. agents found huge sums of cash hidden in her lingerie. >> i have three weeks to go and i will put all of my efforts into this defense and to take care of the business for the people of prince george's county for the remaining three weeks. >> prosecutors told the judge that they are worried about
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further witness tampering. they asked that the johnsons be limited to $100,000 transactions. the judge kept the limit, but said that he would make an exception for pepsico -- for petco. new at 11:00 p.m., a couple of for that nightmare kreuz is back at home. they arrived home and richard reid is live with the ordeal that this couple went through. >> this couple was not on just a kris, it was a job. he was among a group of 100 magicians that plan on providing entertainment on the cruise ship. that was before the ship would not have hot food or working bathrooms. they say they are glad to be back home.
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>> of richard and susan -- you and >> the hardest part was the toilets not working. >> everything was gone. the refrigeration was gone and no electricity. >> they are happy to be gone-to be home. and away from the crippled cruise ship. >> we woke up to this terrible rattling and some black smoke. >> that smoke came from a power in the-a fire in the engine room. -- a fire in the engine room. food was riding in hallways and worse. >> the first 24 hours or so, there were corliss that did not function. >> the navy blue in tons of supplies. -- slew in tons of supplies. -- brought in tons of supplies. as tugboats pulled deep ship
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ashore, some passengers slept on the deck. >> there were cold water showers and spam and shower -- and worse. >> carnival is offering passengers a full refund. a lot is being done to keep them comfortable. the passengers said they kept their fellow passengers entertained with magic tricks. >> always look on the bright side. changes are coming to facebook. the social networking site will hold a news conference and is expected to announce changes to its messaging system. it is rumored that facebook would compete with google's g- mail.
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>> we do not want any new weather. that is what i am here for. [inaudible] a beautiful day after our temperatures made it into the mid 60's. our average for november -- this is a little above average. if you have friends in the middle part of the country, what november is this? chicago is 52 and some spots are around 80 degrees. here is what has been going on. remember last weekend? this is spinning away all of new england and over us, it has been the same pattern with delightful air coming our way. high pressure is our weather maker and that will continue to be our weather maker as we go to the nighttime hours.
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as a matter of fact, some warm air will be coming in with a southwesterly wind coming our way and then we will see a weather front as we get close into early next week. this will eventually bring in some clouds, but no real dramatic changes. i think that the chance for any real rain will be on tuesday or wednesday. overnight tonight, as we go through the nighttime hours, here is the future cast with temperatures tomorrow around the freezing mark. that is where they are right now. winchester will be around the low 30's, but tomorrow afternoon, it will be really delightful and temperatures will be near or above 60 degrees and then once again, with this pattern, we have some nice cool nights. temperatures will be around freezing around white plains and then another delightful day
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tomorrow with temperatures in the low to mid 60's. a few high clouds will begin to show up in the early evening hours and we will have a nice colorful sunset. as we get into sunday, and even into monday, temperatures will remain above freezing and there are a lot of things going on this weekend. this is something. this is the christmas bazaar. this runs from a 11 until 3- 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.. >> -- 11:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.. >> we
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>> the wife of bob marley was accordion american heritage awards gala. it was my pleasure to host this evening's events. ms. morley receive her lifetime achievement award. other people of caribbean heritage were also honored including a dentist, and and rubin -- aruban that work on
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the space telescope. >> let's talk about the wizard's go in for 2 verot tonight -- going in for 2 tonight. we will sell you how things turned out when we come
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for the best web browsing experience. get yours at verizon. >> the toyota sports desk,
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brought to you by your local toyota dealers, moving forward. >> he may want to consider not scheduling old dominion any time soon. they play from behind most of the game. this was a big shot from oscar freeman. he was found. georgetown gets the ball back and chris white launches 43. at the buzzer, they took the lead. time was running out and this sealed the game. the wizards of hosted the bobcats tonight. the bobcats took it.
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it was 86-78 bobcats and they went. -- they went into. they set themselves of well. and they were a much better football team. they had three games left. they could be in the championship game. they say that they cannot get ahead of themselves. >> we have to win. we have to win three games. if we win three games, then we're in the championship game. >> high school football had opened at robinson. he took it all the way for the
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robinson touchdown. they advance to the semifinals next week. this is the shot of the day. robert allen was off the tee. that slices just a bit. it went into the galley, right off it stands head -- a fan's head. that will leave a mark. >> down goes frazier. >> we will be right back. >> down goes frazier. >> we will be right back.
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>> looking forward to a great weekend. >> there are already some spots in the freezing mark.
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tomorrow, temperatures will be in the 60's and sunday will be in the mid 60's and maybe even 70 degrees. in the next chance for rain showers will not come until about tuesday or wednesday night. >> agreement to get out tonight. >> have a good night. >> -- a great night to get out tonight. >> -- a great night to get out tonight.
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